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Integrative Acupuncture is a holistic acupuncture and wellness center serving the Amherst, Hadley, Belchertown and Northampton Area since 2004.

flower_icon Would you like to experience deeper emotional balance?

flower_icon Would you like to be free of pain?

flower_icon Would you like to step into the life that you know were meant to live?

You are likely here right now because you are looking for ways to experience greater physical or emotional heath. Perhaps your energy isn’t what it used to be or you find it difficult to quiet your mind. Maybe your digestion isn’t up to par or you find it hard to sleep at night. Maybe you would like to experience greater joy, balance, and well-being. Whatever it is that brings you here, Integrative Acupuncture of Amherst, MA can help!

If you are like many of our clients, you are looking for a holistic approach to healing your body and mind. Here at Integrative Acupuncture, we combine acupuncture with nutritional and life style counseling in order to treat the whole person so that we can address the root cause of the issues that you are facing. When you treat the whole person you facilitate healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our office in Amherst has helped many people just like you. We understand that health is the most important asset that we have. There is really nothing more important than investing in your health and choosing a lifestyle that supports wellness on all levels. We take your time and investment seriously and seek to deliver the highest quality care to assist you in living your best life. We frequently treat such conditions as:

flower_icon Anxiety

flower_icon Depression

flower_icon Insomnia

flower_icon Pain

flower_icon Digestion issues

flower_icon Allergies

flower_icon Infertility

flower_icon Chronic stress and worry

flower_icon Migraines

Why Integrative Acupuncture of Amherst, MA?

  • Hayley has been serving Amherst, Northampton, Hadley, Belchertown and Pioneer Valley for the last 23 years.
  • Hayley offers a unique, highly effective 3-part treatment that includes energy healing, acupuncture, and massage.
  • Hayley treats the whole person, not just the symptom.
  • Hayley offers nutritional, dietary, and life style recommendations to support the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment.
  • Hayley brings a spiritual perspective to her work and seeks to find the deeper meaning to the challenges that we each face.
  • Hayley offers exceptional care and supports the overall health and well-being of each client that she works with.


If you are ready to immerse yourself in the healing of your body, mind and soul and learn ways to care for yourself on a deeper level, then call our office at 413-253-7978 so we can discuss your health care needs.